Active Acne Treatment

What is Active Acne Treatment?

The source of the problem that leads to acne lies deep beneath the surface of the skin. The sebaceous gland, an oil secreting apparatus, empties the oils into a pore, allowing the oil to flow to the surface. Individuals with acne have impairment in this normal process. The oil accumulates in the pore, forming a plug that we commonly call a blackhead. Oil then builds up behind the plug, hardens, and creates a cyst. Bacteria in the skin feed on this buildup and begin to multiply and excrete many toxic wastes. This leads to inflammation and the common pimple seen in acne. If the pimple becomes large enough, it irreversibly damages the tissue leading to an acne scar.

Acne skin disorders for some people can fuel anxiety. Self-esteem and quality of life may also suffer. But there are now effective treatments available to treat active acne using marin fluid acne laser treatment.

Types of Active Acne:

White Head:

If you deal with white head pimples often, there’s something in your skin care routine or lifestyle that is causing them. The ‘white’ pustule is caused by a build up of dead skin cells and oil inside a pore. Good bacteria normally on the skin’s surface turns ‘bad’ here and multiplies. Your skin needs a certain amount of natural oil to protect and nourish your skin. It’s only when there’s excess sebum and dead skin cells that you risk clogged pores.

Black Head:

Blackheads are just an oxidized mix of oil and dead skin cells that are sitting in pores — the exposure to air is what causes them to oxidize and turn black. Having them is not a sign that you’re too dirty, so don’t cause more damage by being rough with your skin and scrubbing really hard.

Papules & Pustules:

Papules are a form of acne vulgaris that appear as small bumps on the face. The bumps reveal no visible pores as in blackheads, and they are not white like whiteheads. Instead, they are closed, red and surrounded by skin inflammation.

When you have a problem with pimples on your facial area, you’re typically referring to pustules. Pustules are thought that  a moderate form of acne that presents itself as middle-sized bumps on the face. These bumps have a noticeably white or yellow dot in the center and are surrounded by inflammation. You should not pop pustules yourself in the hope of obtaining a quick-fix cure. You may be able to reduce the size of the bump by popping it, but the effects, possible infection and scars, are not worth the temporary relief.

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