Breast Surgery

Well-shaped and firm breast are universally accepted attributes of beauty. Reality, however, paints a different picture: often, breasts are considered too small or too big; and pregnancies, strong weight gain and loss, advancing age and last but not least gravity take their toll. Breast cancer on the other hand may result in partial or total loss of one or both breasts. In men, development of a feminine breast can cause aesthetic and psychological problems.

Plastic surgery offers competent solutions for all these problems. Breast aesthetics is one of the most important areas of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. According to data published by ASAPS – The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – in 2009, 524,000 women had their breasts reduced, enlarged or lifted. In the same year, another 86,000 women underwent breast reconstruction after cancer surgery and mastectomy. The number of interventions shows an upward trend, and the methods and techniques are constantly further developed and improved.

The results of breast surgery are emotionally highly satisfying for many women. A range of proven methods are available for the procedure. The most important issue, however, remains the choice of a competent surgeon who has an open ear for your wishes and suggestions, and who comprehensively informs you about the various alternatives, their advantages, disadvantages and risks.

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