Eyebrow Transplant

Our eyebrows, our eyes and our very important structures for our present, and emphasize our beauty. Our eyebrows make a great contribution to expressing our feelings and thoughts. There is currently no drug treatment to replace our reduced or spilled eyebrows. For now, the only method is to send eyebrows.

Burns are an effective way of preventing eyebrows in people who have been lost as a result of past traumas and certain skin disorders, or who prefer to use thick eyebrows after eyebrow removal.

Brow suture is the process of removing the genetically sparse hair roots in the nape region and transferring them to the eyebrow area.


When the new shape of the eye is determined, it is drawn and planned without considering the anatomical boundaries of the patient. Kaş planting takes 2-3 hours on average and bathing can be done easily after 24 hours.

Crusting and redness can be seen in the area where the sowing is done for 4-5 days. The sowing area heals within an average of 10 days. The prolonged eyebrows are about 4-6 months old.

The eyebrows are located in a parallel horizontal position, so care must be taken when directing eyebrows during sowing. The eyebrows become a single line at the point where they come together at different ends in each area. For this reason, the roots taken at the end of planting are extra thinned so that no traces are left, and very small channels are laid open at the bottom.

New eyebrows will grow faster than your eyebrows as a result of eyebrow planting because they are planted from the hair. But at the end of the first year, the eyebrows that are planted start to adapt to the longevity of the eyebrows in the area.

People who have rashes in their eyebrows for some reason resort to various methods to remove the eyebrows. However, these methods do not work because the causes of eyebrow dilution are different. Kaş seyrekliğu, genetic factors other than trauma, burns and unconscious eyes are also seen in the eyebrows. In order to get rid of eyebrows that are not certain, solutions such as almond oil, garlic riding and razor blade are applied to these eyebrows, but these methods are not successful in removing eyebrows. Using pencil against eyebrows that are in certain places is a laborious work. The most effective way to remove the eyebrows is to have eyebrows.

Eyebrow Planting Eyebrow planting, which is a natural look and a suitable budgeting application, is the most ideal eyebrow tightening method. People who have eyebrows can have eyebrows in their thickness and shape. Anyone with eyebrows, eyebrows and eyebrows can be applied. Eyebrow planting is done in a two-hour period and is a cost-effective method. If the eyebrows preferred by the ladies are not performed by specialists, it causes various problems. So choosing the right specialist for the people who will make eyebrows will bring along a good result.

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