Fat Transfer

Fat Injection

Fat transfer is an aesthetic surgical procedure that has been one of the most implemented methods over the past decade and is considered one of the most promising for the future.

yag enjeksiyonuThe volume of fat tissue on our face decreases because of aging and it moves downwards because of gravity. Despite the young age of the person, sometimes face does not get enough fat due to hereditary reasons. Sometimes volume decreases or depressions are seen in body. Fat transfer is an effective treatment for any desired area. Fat tissue is removed from the area where the fatty tissue is dense such as waist, abdomen and hip. By doing so, we both get rid of unwanted fat tissue and use this tissue as a filler by lipofilling. Tissue volume is increased and skin refreshing is obtained by stem cells located in fat tissue.

Generally local anesthesia is sufficient fort his operation. Sometimes general anesthesia is preferred depending on largeness of the area.

Lip augmentation, lipofilling in needed areas, malar augmentation, gluteal augmentation, breast augmentation, lipofilling of dorsal hand are provided by fat transfer. Post operative swelling and bruising are normal and temporary. The appearance of the operated area improves within 7-10 days.

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