Hair Mesotherapy

Hair losses can be observed in different age groups depending on different reasons. As decrease in the amount of hair and deterioration in its structure can occur, regional and complete hair losses can also be seen.

It is necessary firstly to look in the patients came with these complaints whether they have vitamin, mineral deficiencies and hormonal problems that may cause this situation.

As hair losses can be after the slimming diets, extreme stresses and mid seasons can also trigger the hair losses.

Hair mesotherapy can be applied in those who do not have any health problem in order to stop the hair loss, provide re-growing of the hair and bring a healthy appearance in the existing hair.

In the mesotherapy session, vitamin, mineral cocktails and its own thrombocytes (PRP application) that will stimulate the hair follicle cell are injected in the person. The sessions are applied in 7-15 days intervals. 6-8 session application is required.

In androgenetic alopecia, maintenance treatments are needed.

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