Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

What is Male Breast Reduction (Man Boobs / Gynecomastia)?

Due to genetics, use of certain medications, or other unspecified reasons, some men develop the appearance of enlarged breasts.
A Male Breast Reduction helps men who have issues with the appearance of their chest. The chest can appear similar to female breasts, either from glandular cases, an excess of fatty tissue, or gynecomastia. Gynecomastia affects between 40-60% of the male population.

While losing weight can help reduce the appearance of male breasts for some men, often times there is excess glandular tissue as well, causing even very lean patients to notice enlarged breasts. Currently, male breast reduction is the only consistently effective treatment for gynecomastia that has long lasting, if not permanent, results. Following this surgery, patients commonly say they feel comfortable going shirtless for the first time in years, and report an enhanced sense of self-confidence.

There are several techniques the surgeon could use, but generally the operation involves:
making a cut (incision) around the nipple using liposuction to suck out excess fatty tissue extending the cuts and repositioning the nipples if there is a lot of tissue to remove.

The operation takes about 90 minutes. You usually need to stay in hospital overnight.

Deciding on  Male Breast Reduction (Man Boobs / Gynecomastia)

All surgery may be associated with risks and your surgeon will discuss these with you, however male breast reduction surgery is generally a safe procedure. It is important to discuss any concerns you have about any aspect of your treatment with Dr Alp Aslan.

Gynecomastia can present at any age, and male breast reduction can be performed safely and successfully on teenagers and adult men alike.

If you are a patient with a considerable amount of fat tissue, a portion of skin may need to be removed during gynecomastia surgery. As scarring can become an issue, we often recommend for a male to receive the liposuction and allow ample time for healing before deciding if it is necessary for skin to be removed.

What Are The Benefits of Male Breast Reduction (Man Boobs / Gynecomastia)?

  1. It’s hard to hide your chest area; most clothes will reveal whether or not you have Gynecomastia.
  1. Men have increased general access to surgery information via social media channels, television and other digital media – allowing you to not only research the procedure but hear and see before and after surgery photos of other men who have undergone male breast surgery for Gynecomastia.
  2. Increased self confidence
  3. Restored shape and tone of your chest
  4. Comfort going without a shirt in summer or on the boat (wear sun protection!) or wearing swimmers and tank tops
  5. Chest will tend to appear more masculine or sporty looking
  6. Another key motivator and result from breast reduction surgery for enlarged male breasts is increased comfort during intimacy and in interpersonal relationships.
  7. Male breast reduction surgery contours the breast shape and removes excess fat and tissue through surgical incisions and/or liposuction.
  8. You will be put under general anesthesia and tiny incisions will be made underneath the folds of your breast.
  9. With a liposuction approach (either on its own but more often combined with surgical reduction of redundant skin), a small cannula is inserted into the area to break up the fat cells in the breast tissues, whilst removing them using suction assisted technology.
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