Non-Surgical Facelift

Although surgical intervention is still the top priority among the methods used, there are many simple procedures that can substitute surgical intervention in face-lift. Medical applications that do not require surgical intervention are getting more popular with each passing day. We still benefit from hyaluronic acid, as one of the most effective methods for elimination of deep facial wrinkles. However, the ever-developing technological methods of the aesthetics make it possible for an alternative treatment procedure for non-surgical face-lift.

Face-Lift with Filling Procedures
Filling is the procedure that involves filling the facial wrinkles and areas with volume loss or areas. It is possible to thicken the lips, eliminate winkles and volume losses in the under-eye region, make the cheekbone area livelier, soften the nasolabial fold lines, and make stronger the structurally weak chins. Filling procedure performed in the upper region produces certain results such as face-lifting, and its results are particularly good. For filling, the most preferred material is natural structured hyaluronic acid that has an effect lasting for 6 months to 2 years on the average. Hyaluronic acid is a substance available in the skin and its amount declines with increasing age.

Facial Mesotherapy
It is a micro-injection technique used in the desired areas of the face and cleavage. It involves the use of certain products that support the production of materials for cell renewal and elasticity, regulate the blood circulation, and soften spots. It is often used for the treatment of some conditions such as dark circles, skin spots, and sagging skin caused by aging.

Ultherapy-Nonsurgical face lift
Ultherapy involves the use of the ultrasound technique to create a point-to-point attack, which can also be applied to the skin. This damage provides a tightening effect by leading to a decrease in size and renewal. In fact, it would be more proper to say that a recovery is achieved with shrinkage instead of with a decrease in size. This shrinkage can be seen as a tightened, i.e. rejuvenated skin tissue. The most important feature of this treatment is that it only requires a single session; However, when administered at a very advanced age and if an adequate level could not be reached, the desired results can be achieved by repeating the procedure 6 months or 1 year later.

Face Lift with Scarlet S Fractional Radio Frequency
Scarlet S fractional radio frequency procedure is intended for creating a non-surgical face lift effect. Scarlet S is a system used with micro-needles to solve skin problems in both skin and the dermis. One of its important features is that the

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