Regional Slimming

What needs to be said ahead is that it is not essentially a weight loss method. It is a general name given to methods used with the aim of reducing fats accumulated in specific parts of the body

With the help of the technology, great progresses are made in the field of procedures intended for regional slimming. The most popular slimming operations of recent years, especially ultrasound and radiofrequency techniques, are very important and they are the most commonly used ones. Recently, techniques that provide slimming by applying cold to the application site have been added to the radio frequency and to ultrasonic techniques.

Every individual has a different body type. When genetically internal and external causes are added to this structure during years, lubrication starts in most of us. And as this is not distributed homogenously in the body during aging, fat is stored more in cardinal areas. These accumulated fat tissues unfortunately cannot be reduced by sports and dieting as much as desired.

All regional slimming methods actually are based on removing fat cells from an area by shrinking, breaking up or dissolving. Exercising and dieting must be recommended to patients, since they ease broken up fat tissues to be thrown away from that region after applying one of these methods. Treatment success increases substantially in patients, who act upon this recommendation.

The ideal process occurs when the patient with lubrication problem shapes his/her body with dieting and exercising; then with the recommendation of a Specialist, the correct method to be applied to that region.

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