Scarlet S

This system, capable of treating problems in the epidermis and dermis simultaneously, stimulates subcutaneous tissues by sending radio frequency waves through the specially designed micro-needles, and the healing process of the skin begins with the delivery of these stimulant waves. As these micro-needles are inserted into the subcutaneous tissues, they stimulate the skin surface to start a natural healing process. Consequently, cell growth factors in the top layer of the skin take action and make it possible to eliminate differences of skin tone, acne scars (eliminating holes caused by acne scars), wound scars, spots, fine wrinkles, enlarged pores; give a younger and fuller appearance to the skin; accentuate the chin contour; and reduce the jowl. Its most important feature is that it is an extremely painless procedure giving perfect results even in a single session by providing total skin care.

Usage Areas of Scarlet S
Total Skin Rejuvenation (Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Resurfacing)
Lifting (Face Lift)
Treatment for Loss of Skin Elasticity (Skin Tightening)
Accentuation of Face and Chin Contours
Neck Reshaping
Treatment of Fine Wrinkles
Scar Treatment (Acne Scars, Keloit etc.)
Inflammatory Acne Treatment
Treatment of Enlarged Pores
Restoration of the Skin Tonus
Treatment of Facial Telangiectasias
Treatment of Pigmented Lesion
Stria (Stretch Marks) Treatment
Hyperhidrosis Treatment
Body Tightening
Treatment of Sagging Underarms

Why Scarlet S?
With this system, various problems on the skin can be very practically solved without need for surgery. It is preferred because it is a painless procedure providing stable energy, which is more affordable and has a shorter healing period compared to surgical treatment. SCARLET S, the only system in the market that can reach a skin depth up to 0.5-3.5 mm and can give radio frequency energy to the whole of the region where it passes through, affects all the skin layers; and therefore, allows for treating the problems in the epidermis and dermis at the same time.

Does Any Side Effect Occur After Scarlet S Therapy
No side effects occur during and after Scarlet S therapy, and it is an extremely safe system. It has a shock-free needle technology that does not cause bruising or bleeding and does not leave needle scar.

Is Scarlet S a Painful Procedure?
It is procedure causing minimal pain. The patient is prepared for the procedure by applying a local anesthetic cream 30 minutes before treatment.

Who Are Eligible For Scarlet S
SCARLET S can be applied to all types of skin in both men and women in all age groups in both summer and winter months.

How Many Sessions Iis Needed for Scarlet S?
It is ideal to perform 3 sessions at 3 to 4 weeks intervals. The number of sessions and the length of intervals are determined by the physician, depending on the requirements of the skin. The effect that it creates on the skin is seen immediately after the first session, and gradually increases after each session. The skin that sags due to the decrease in collagen and the effect of gravity over the years gains a youthful appearance by gaining volume in parallel to the production of new collagen. It maintains its efficacy for a period of 1 year, on the average.

Does Scarlet S Require Any Follow-Up Care?
A mild redness occurs after the procedure, which then disappears within 1 to 2 hours. The patient can immediately return back to his/her social life. It is recommended to thoroughly moisture the skin and apply a sun protection product. It does not require any other follow-up care.

How long does Scarlet S procedure take?
The procedure takes 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the patient’s needs.

It does not allow even a 0.1mm of error.
Fractional micro-needles that can reach depths up to 3.5mm and create the same thermal effect where they enter the Skin create controlled damages in these regions to stimulate collagen production. A completely natural regeneration, recovery and tightening effect is noticed rapidly.

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