Skin Rejuvenation

Years leave their traces mostly on the skin. Certain skin conditions such as lines, wrinkles, sagging, and collapse are the consequences of the increasing age. With treatment procedures that give volume and youth to the skin, it is possible to rejuvenate the structure of the face, get rid of all the wrinkles, and defy the years.
It is an ideal option especially for those who prefer naturalness, and want an unnoticeable rejuvenation method that can be an alternative to Botox, filling and surgical intervention. When we look at non-surgical rejuvenation procedures, we see that they provide rejuvenation, regeneration and tightening effect at all layers from the lowermost layer to the uppermost layer of the skin, by means of laser and radio frequency with various wavelengths.
The fastest solutions for those who cannot be patient for waiting for seeing the result of certain procedures such as serum, cream and peeling therapies can prefer laser and radio frequency treatments, which are the most popular methods in the world of anti-aging.

Botox Injection
Botox injection, a method that hides wrinkles, prevents the formation of new wrinkles, and eliminates tired expressions by making the face livelier, can also delay the appearance of lines in the eye contour area, mouths and forehead, by paralyzing the muscles that cause such lines. Patients begin to see the results 10 days after treatment. The procedure does not require another injection process in the following 4 to 6 months, and the facial muscles affected by the process gain the ability to move again in this period of time.

Filling Procedures
Filling is a cosmetic procedure performed with intent to substitute for the decreased subcutaneous tissues. The most important components are collagen and hyaluronic acid. Collagen supports the skin while hyaluronic acid keeps the skin moist by means of is high water retention property. Wrinkles, collapses and sags occur on the skin as a result of the decrease in the supportive components in the course of time. Usually hyaluronic acid fillers are used in fillers used for aesthetics purposes. These products are naturally available in the skin and their amount gradually decreases in the course of time. A filling procedure is performed with intent to eliminate wrinkles and collapses on the face. Aesthetic fillers are used especially for the elimination of nasolabial fold lines and sagging mouth corners as well as for thickening the cheekbones. Since fillers increase the skin’s moistness with their water retention properties, they improve the quality of the skin and enable it to look younger. Their effect last for a period of time ranging from 6 to 12 months.

Facial Mesotherapy
The mesotherapy procedure, i.e. Mesolift, is performed on the face to improve the quality of the skin. It involves subcutaneous injection of special preparations, which are mainly used in skins showing the signs of aging. Such preparations contain collagen (the building blocks of the skin), vitamins, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and minerals. Fullness and restructuring effects begin show themselves on the skin. Performing the mesolift procedure on a regular basis can enable the skin to look younger, shinier, livelier and healthier. It is not a painful procedure; so can be performed by applying local anesthetics to patients before a certain period of time. Patients notice the shine and liveness on their skins immediately after the first session, which gradually increase after the following sessions.

Ultherapy Method
The procedure involves the use of the ultrasound technology that can reach up to the deep support layer of our skin (called also superficial fascia) without affecting the surface of the skin, which sends acoustic energy to the deep layers of the skin for tightening and stretching the skin and increasing collagen production by applying subcutaneous heating without causing damage in the skin. This damage provides a tightening effect by leading to a decrease in size and renewal. This shrinkage can be clearly seen as a tightened, i.e. rejuvenated skin tissue. The procedure is effective in the treatment of loose

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