Soprano Ice Laser

Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) eliminating hair follicles is an extremely comfortable and effective system. No matter your skin color or hair color, Soprano Ice Laser, the next-generation technology developed for laser epilation, allows for achieving perfect results. With its cooling mechanism, Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) is a pain-free system.

Laser epilation systems that have been utilized for years have unresolved problems with technology. They could not be applied to all types of skins, and could not provide a comfortable treatment for those who have a low threshold of pain. Ice Laser, a next-generation laser epilation system, creates an effective smoothness in an effective and faster way. Compared to older laser epilation systems, it provides the opportunity of having a completely comfortable and painless treatment by means of its more advanced cooling mechanism. In old-generation laser systems, procedures performed on sensitive regions were highly painful; however, Soprano Ice Laser allows for a comfortable procedure that can be performed on sensitive regions.

No matter how dark your skin is! The darker the skin color, the harder to provide benefits with older laser procedures; so, having a dark colored skin is a disadvantage in this regard. However, the next-generation Ice Laser epilation (Soprano Ice) technology allows for achieving effective results in people with dark colored skins, as well. Now you can have laser epilation even on your tanned skin in the summer months. Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) technology is the only laser system that can be applied in any time of the year, regardless of your skin color.

A solution for thin hair
Another problem in old-generation laser epilation systems was that such systems could not be effective on light-colored and thin hair. This means that people with thin hair could not benefit from laser treatments and necessarily used old-generation hair removal methods such as depilatory creams and razor blade. Red haired people could not benefit from laser technologies, as well. Many women achieved effective results regarding hair in their bodies; but when it comes to fine hair in their faces, they could not get the help of laser systems. In other words, the Ice Laser (Soprano Ice), a technology that you can benefit from, provides solutions for this important problem with laser technologies, no matter how lighter your hair color is.

Perfect ergonomy 
Its ergonomy is another superior feature of Ice Laser, a procedure that provides effective treatment for thin hair, which can also be performed on small areas. It was impossible to perform any application to the areas above the eyebrows with old-generation laser systems. However, it is possible to remove hair from the center of the eyebrows with Ice Laser. With its ergonomic caps, the Ice Laser system allows for performing application for inner nose and ear hair.

One of the advantages of Ice Laser Epilation technology is that it affects bigger areas at each pulse. A full-leg epilation session is completed within 3 minutes with Ice Laser (Soprano Ice), which took hours with older laser epilation systems. On the other hand, the number of required sessions declined! According to clinical investigations, 6 sessions at 6-week intervals are adequate for achieving optimum results.

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